Mosaic Lamp Making Workshops

🌟 Discover the Mesmerizing World of Mosaic Lamp Making! at Istanbul Grand Bazaar 🌟

Join us for an enchanting experience as we delve into the art of creating stunning mosaic lamps that illuminate your imagination! 🌈✨

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Gemma W.

We were lucky to be at 10am session on a Saturday at Chermside! We were really looking forward to a relaxing and mindful experience and this mosaic workshop absolutely delivered. Our teacher was very welcoming and assisted us when needed. The apple tea offered was also devine! A wonderful experience for everyone.

Tahnia M.

The workshop was so much fun, I enjoyed ever moment! The teacher was so helpful and made everyone feel comfortable and ready to go.She explained everything so well and always happy to lend a hand to make our lamps better. I would highly recommend this course

Istanbul Grand Bazaar

We are more than just a store. We believe in sharing the art and techniques behind our products, so we invite you to join our mosaic lamp making classes. Our channel serves as a platform for learning and creativity, where we share step-by-step guides, tips & tricks to help to create your own lamps.