Mosaic Lamp Workshop

 Join us on an adventure at a mosaic art workshop to create your own colourful & unique Traditional Turkish mosaic lamp.

Traditional Turkish mosaic lamps have a long history and originated 5000 years ago. The mosaic lamps are made by hand, characterised by metals and then with the introduction of glass with plaster to join them.

Each Turkish mosaic lamp is special and unique. There are variable mosaic lampshades and different designs, which can easily be customised. You will never be able to find two equal ones.

Our workshop is sponsored by Istanbul Grand Bazaar. This is a 2.30-3.00 hour workshop.

We will provide:

  • Materials
  • Apple tea & Turkish coffee

This workshop is suitable for everyone.

An excellent opportunity to spend quality time & have fun with your love ones.

You can book it for special events,

  • Birthday Parties
  • Valentine's Days
  • Mother's Days

Contact with us for group workshop discounts